Help launch a District Record Plant w/GOFundme campaign DC

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The Vinyl revolution that was restarted in the middle-late-oughts 2006-08 has now come full circle and just like in 1995 when the Independent started to gain market share with the advent of lower cost of CD duplications and mastering facilities compared to phonographic records.  However today with only 15 fully operating vinyl plants in the USA the Majors have come to Occupy the majority of the production capabilites.   This will showup and bite us all in a number of ways.

#1 Cost to make a vinyl record is now going through the roof based upon availability and majors have milions to throw in pot

#2 End price for Vinyl will start be priced almost 1.5X higher by Record Store Day.

#3 Indies where only just getting back physical and this will put the kibash on any chance of #USexports, since Majors don’t

It is from these reason and the fact that Records are still an important part of how we communicate, which is part of HelpEarth’s Mission, that we support the launching of DistrictRecordPlant(tm) and it’s GOFUNDME campaign

Download the Flyer  to pass out.


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