HEF offers a unique solution for local charities and nonprofits to bring much needed awareness and support to their causes by leveraging musicians’ and entertainers’ “content” and public stature to generate revenue and visibility. HEF will work with musicians and entertainers that agree to donate profits to HEF from the sale of online and retail products. These funds will go back to support causes and organizations on the local level that the artist and HEF have agreed to support.

“Help Earth Foundation works for the 5 Wins.”

HEF was founded by socialprenuer and emergency responder, Nelson Jacobsen. The idea came to him after a variety of obstacles he experienced setting up and implementing the Tsunami Band Aid project, which successfully brought artists, clubs, charities and politicians together to support the Boxer Day Tsunami. During his work on this initiative, it became evident that having a foundation in which all of the elements (artists, charities, etc.) had relationships before they came together would have allowed for a better and more robust effort.

Just as trading business cards at the disaster site is the huge failure, the other one we keep seeing over and over again is trying to put artists, nonprofits, and the public together in a process that needs to be in place and transparent before a disaster or need arises and that is what Help Earth is here to do.

We are pleased to now be part of the Digital Humanitarian Network and encourge others to find out how then personanally and as a company or organization they can too.


Please check out our Metropoltian Cloud and mix of DC, MD & VA communities online.


Who's Cloud are you On.




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