Operation Winter Warmth

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Please join this crowdmap effort to place items of warmth that people have with people that need them.

Please share this website and use the hashtag #owwpvusa on social media.


Photo of Social Media Accounts SMA setup

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Photo of Social Media Accounts SMA setup

SMA Setup if your going to be active on Social Media there are just a few things that you have to do and connecting all the various accounts will take some time.

Setting up account and why it’s important for SMEM

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Setting up account and why it's important for SMEM

This is an example of Help Earth Foundation’s social media page. The benefit of using is that it will prompt you to add different social media accounts which will then be high-lighed on your page.

Welcome to our Dream for the Metropolitan Cloud.

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The /net is our contribution to connecting the communities of the DMC on the cloud together and to one another. ¬†We’re going to be upgrading the sites connected across our cloud and offering a mobile version just in time for the holidays.

Please support locals.